Planet Of Storms

by Video Video

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04:23 video



In the beginning, all relationships are based on attraction and a storyline of the heart. And love beats the same for everyone when you are lucky enough to get it right.

New act Video Video relies on the well-known narrative of melodic vocal pop songs that were first written in their relative acts The Blow Waves and The Mavis’s.

The rebirth here was formed when The Blow Waves’ core couple Matt Doll Thomas and Byron St John started a duo playing alongside Matthew Sigley to form a smaller lineup that became titled Video Video.

Planet of Storms their debut album is about how the heart can survive the weather of a lifetime of love songs and past relationships.

Video Video write to old flames and those lovers they have left behind on their journey, as a way of keeping them in the story—and warning their audience that they are not forgotten.

Second single ‘Flames’ is written from the point of view of a reliable Romeo standing underneath your window—alongside fellow space-age love songs, they look to the skies to ask the stars for alignment.
Though the action here takes place where city lights blur constellations—when strangers meet in the night—and during the times when it sometimes is not right.

Planet of Storms asks us to remember our midsummer night’s dream without regret, and makes a brotherly promise to protect each other in a lifeline against suicide in ‘Not Gonna Die’.

Here in Planet of Storms the brokenhearted will learn to swim in their own sea of tears—and survival of the species is simply a game of rewinding a well-loved movie.

Video Video replays the romance offering those same tasty kisses of lyric phrases, from Matt Doll Thomas, to help us make peace with the past.

Song ‘Genesis’ writes the new chapter that grew from survivor stories of a shipwreck left after the storm. “’Genesis’ is the bittersweet feeling of loss and renaissance mixed together. It is about noticing the beauty in the darkness," said lyricist Matt Doll Thomas.

As dream believers of magic and romance Video Video use 1980s electro dance to style their own moustache club pop. Uniquely island Australian, with the energy of teen millennium Video Video’s Planet of Storms is an easy listening indy-pop release.


released June 20, 2015

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Track Name: Love Beat

I’m counting the steps

I’m feeling the breath

I’m losing my mind

Just stealing your time

I’ve always walked the night alone

Now I’ve crossed into a danger zone

Fighting ghosts and midnight demons

Oh yeah

Carnivals and trick or treater’s

Oh yeah

Venus and Mars are ours tonight

If we can get it right

As If our love

Was what It was before

As If our love

Was what It was before

As If our love

Was what It was before

As If our love

Was what It was before

I’ve rattled my faith

I’m breaking the chain

Caught deep in the void

Left out in the rain

I’ve always fought to stand apart

Now I’m dealing with the danger card

Howling wolves and bonfire creepers

Oh yeah

Trailer parks

And party seekers

Oh yeah

( Matt Doll / Byron St John )
Track Name: Forever Tomorrow

Stole me down to the underworld

Kinda bought me in a fashion

The rain kept beating on my tender skin

Frozen in time and passion

Smashing candy under the railway bridge

Hold up the subway

Dig it kid

You said never leave me again

Never hurt me again

Never lie to me again

Forever tomorrow

The city lights calling

The city lights calling

The city lights calling

Me to the center of it all

The city lights calling

The city lights calling

The city lights calling

Me to the center of it all

I want to tell my brother

But he is in Japan

I’d like to call my mother

But she won’t understand

I see a new reflection

I hear the eagle call

And If I ever come back to you

Steam on the window

Train on the loose

And If I ever get back to you

Knife in my pocket

Cuttin’ the fuse

(Matt Doll / Byron St John)
Track Name: Genesis

Ooh we will shine

A distant beacon

In the night

Tears of the past

They had tied you

To the mast

Show me your magic

Your space-age love

I’m a dream believer

For your

Genesis Genesis

Genesis Genesis

Genesis Genesis

Love lost in the tempest

Days of nothing to do

Can’t get back to the feeling babe

I know you want it too

We swim to shore

From the shipwreck

From the storm

Oh Oh tonight

(Matt Doil / Byron St John)
Track Name: Not Gonna Die

The stars aligned

But not enough

With sudden impact

You took my love

The shadows darker

The cupboards bare

Thought I was dreaming

Beneath the nightmare

You held my body

For the last time

Thought we would always be

Together deep entwined

You had your reasons

And they were good

But every action I miss understood

You and I collide

Everything we have is dangerous

Kiss me for another day

And we’re not gonna die

You and I betrayed

Everything have is pleasure

Hold me for another day

And we’re not gonna die

Forget the nights

When I was mean

If you just listen to

The little words between

The glass is broken

The cupboard’s bare

You kept on talking

Right through a cold stare

Call up the hit man

Just one more time

And he will tell you

That It’s destiny in rhyme

Nobody told you

And it’s not fair

Sun keeps on shining the vampire’s lair

Angels in the monsters

And there’s diamonds in the dirt

And we can’t tell

Anything apart

(Matt Doll / Byron St John / Angelo Ainalidis)
Track Name: Planet Of Storms

Through the sand

For he’ll run

Desert land

Lost the sun

Spider’s eye

Ice balloon

Dreams are after you

Dreams are after you

Atoms fail

Spores the mind

Stripping bare


Dreams are after you

You’re gonna be alone

(Matt Doll / Byron St John)
Track Name: Flames

I’m in the dark waiting by the telephone

I’m in the street underneath your window

We fell apart waiting for the overthrow

You shot my heart but baby that was years ago

My Heart is in flames ah ooh

It’s all been a game ah ooh

My heart is in flames ah ooh

Stay off the phone

Keep off the streets

Pull down the blinds

Under the sheets

Open my eyes,

Cover my heart

Forget my name

While the world falls apart

Search the desert ’til I find a mirage oh oh oh

Ride the milky way and Jupiter stars oh oh oh

All the people gonna rise up from their pain

My Heart is in flames ah ooh (my heart’s in flames)

It’s all been a game ah ooh (just a bitter game)

My heart is in flames ah ooh (my heart’s in flames)

It’s all been a game ah ooh

Just a bitter game

Oh Oh Oh Oh……

(Matt Doll / Byron St John)
Track Name: Oh Tokyo!

Oh Tokyo

Oh Tokyo

Oh Tokyo

Oh Tokyo

Oh Tokyo

Oh Tokyo

Oh Tokyo

Oh Tokyo

When I think of you my heart goes boom

I can’t wait ’til we are back together soon

You may be so far away from me

I will wait for you If you will wait for me

In the darkness I can see your light

In the daytime or in the dead of night

I don’t want to ever be apart from you

I just want to be a part of you

(Matthew Sigley)
Track Name: Make You Mine

Can you feel emotion

Can you feel the beat

My heart would cry an ocean

Just to fall at your feet

I meant to say that I’m asking

If I could be your boy

So I can give you satisfaction

That you are meant to enjoy

Ooh ooh ooh I only wanted to make you mine

Ooh ooh ooh I only wanted to make you mine

Ooh ooh ooh I only wanted to make you mine

Ooh ooh ooh I only wanted to make you mine

Can you feel addiction

Can you feel my need

Our love was science fiction

Until you said you agreed

I walk alone after midnight

Like the moon and the dark

Oh I’ve got to find my lover

Won’t you disembark

A place for the sinners

We’re only beginners

My fear in the night

Goes by

(Matt Doll / Matthew Sigley)
Track Name: Blue Kiss

Blue kiss



Across the ocean

Exit us oblivion

His love is a universe

Nothing really matters

I’m not yours in cold light blue

Dissolve with each touch

My tears into the sea

Nothing really matters

Moon is low

I turn to stone

And fall to pieces below a fire sky

I sail across the midnight

To reach the great divide

Still I can’t escape your light

So scared I may lose my mind

Beneath the shield of ice

Beats a heart of fire

Nothing left at all

Only desire

(Byron St John)