by MicroMatscenes

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Mike Templar
Mike Templar thumbnail
Mike Templar MM created a Retrowave album that really brings you back to the 80s. His 1st singing tribute is incredible and he recreated some typical moods and sounds from famous 80s songs, e.g. Rocky Soundtrack-like. Next to my fav track "A Horrible Night" is a fantastic tune too, besides all great tracks.

Favorite track: Tra le Fiamme e le Stelle.
Jetfire Prime
Jetfire Prime thumbnail
Jetfire Prime What an album! I approached this release with trepidation as I enjoyed the Scenes EP so much but I needn't have worried, this is synth perfection. The highest compliment I can provide is that it reminds me of Vince Dicola in his prime and any of these songs would fit in with his Rocky/Transformers the Movie soundtracks. Very impressive indeed. Favorite track: No Pain.
Alpha Chrome Yayo
Alpha Chrome Yayo thumbnail
Alpha Chrome Yayo Let me say it in no uncertain terms; Allegria is an absolutely outstanding album, by an utterly ferocious talent, and if you don't already own it I recommend changing that *immediately*

Combining unparalleled musicianship with production so clean you can almost see your reflection in it, it is also a record dripping in personality, with so much of Matteo shining through every track.

And holy smokes, can he sing! What a voice. What an album. Absolutely triumphant, a record I feel proud to own. Favorite track: Tra le Fiamme e le Stelle.
Bronster Bridge
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Bronster Bridge
After the great debut in the last year, our friend Matteo, aka MicroMatscenes opens a new creative year with the incredible album 'Allegria!'

What is waiting for us inside? Nine compositions, each of which has its own mood and incredible atmosphere. The author brings to us literally the spirit of our beloved, but so rapidly drift apart era of the 80's.

— Captain Bridge 🚀

Favorite track: Tra le Fiamme e le Stelle.
Gab Manette
Gab Manette thumbnail
Gab Manette If you are a fan of retro-inspired melodic synthpop like me, Allegria is a no-brainer. Memorable and catchy melodies, funky basslines, tasty drumfills, this album has it all! The arrangements are gorgeous; you can tell MicroMatscenes puts a great deal of care in choosing the synths and percussions that bring his music to life. He makes them shine in every track, all delivered in a pristine mix. Bravissimo! Favorite track: Faded Photos.


S P O T I F Y:
“Allegria!” was the trademark greeting of one of the most famous Italian TV stars: the italo-american Mike Bongiorno. He was the conductor of popular quiz shows, beginning his career in the 60s and bringing his magic formula all along the 70s, 80s and 90s, until he died in 2009.

His strenght was the ability to appear as one of us (even if he was not, obviously), acting like a simple man with his weaknesses and doing embarassing gaffes involving the quiz contestants or other colleagues

I decided to dedicate the cover art and all the whole album concept to this figure because he’s enough iconic to crystallize the Italian pop culture of a certain period, and in my case it’s the late 80’s/early 90’s.

ALLEGRIA is a love letter to things my generation (the “Millennials”,) can still remember vividly, like the Fiat UNO, photo albums in rainy afternoons, mid 80s movies like “Rocky IV”, the struggles at home for the dominance over the TV, because there was no other way to play our favorite videogames or for our moms to watch their favorite soap operas.
All these thing are part of the collective memory of a time that was surely saturated with bad mass culture, thrash TV shows, bad politics and a lot of social problems, but here is the magic of the Retrowave phenomenon: make good out of the bad.

From an artistic point of view this album is more melancholic than SCENES, but it’s more organic and “alive”, following the idea of recreating a “VHS” atmosphere, with faded colors and glitchy graphics. Of course there are upbeat moments and catchy tracks, but while “Saturday Morning” from SCENES was a child’s happiness, even the light side of ALLEGRIA has more to do with adolescence and “fear” of being too happy in a world that seems too fragile; however there’s always our inner strenght to guide us to positivity and success, when we clench our teeth and say “no pain”.

… Then there’s “Tra le fiamme e le stelle”, my first track ever with vocals. It’s a typical 80s style pop song, with a modern twist on the metric, very similar to a certain “indie” genre very popular nowadays. A lot of modern pop artists are going in the vintage direction, but in most cases they fail, just stealing the aesthetics from Retrowave genres without recreating the true feel.
The song is about a one night love affair, but even in that kind of relationship it’s hard not to put our heart, sometimes.
The short intro is a showcase of some Future 80’s Records artists’ songs coming out from an old FM radio, then a nice speaker introduces the song like a “new entry on the weekly chart” debuting at number 1… a little too pretentious? Nah, that’s just for fun!

I want to thank all the Synthfam friends that supported me during the creative process, showing enthusiasm and love since the release of the previous EP, then the equipment, software and plugins without which I would have done nothing (Logic Pro X, Arturia, Beatskillz), my friend Francesco Di Marco, owner of “8 Herz” studios in Viterbo, who oversaw the vocal recordings for “Tra le fiamme e le stelle”, and Luigi Lusini, friend and mastering engineer who made everything sound great.
Thanks to my friend Jennifer Venanzi for creating with her fantasy, hand and pencils the cover art and my new profile images, and Chiara Bruti of “Openart” in Viterbo, for the work of digitalization.

Last but not least, thank you Dan (Midnight Driver) from Future 80’s Records for believing in my ideas and music.

The biggest kiss to my wife, who always accepts my moments of productive isolation. I love you Martina.


released March 15, 2020


Future 80's Records, © 2020


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Tra le Fiamme e le Stelle
In quella notte d’estate
Tra la musica i giochi e le risate
C’eri tu

Che te ne stavi in disparte
Con quel sorriso di un’opera d’arte
Si, proprio tu

Ancora non sai che ti sto cercando
Ma già mi stai sfuggendo
E lascia stare le amiche dai
Che qui ti sto aspettando

Ora ti voglio accanto
È soltanto per te il mio pianto
Oh no, oh no

Adesso ascoltami e non offenderti

In quella stanza insieme a te
Il calore della pelle
Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi
Sappiamo già che succederà
Che questa notte poi finirà
Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi

E tu mi guardi sorpresa
È questa fiamma che ormai si è accesa
È proprio così

Si lo so che ti sembra strano
È la mia mano sulla tua mano
Mi piace così

Ora lo sai dove stiamo andando
E già stai sorridendo
Lasciamo stare gli amici dai
Che qui io sto morendo

Ora ti voglio accanto
Lo sai non sono un santo
Oh no, oh no

Un altro passo e poi staremo solo noi

In quella stanza insieme a te
Il calore della pelle
Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi
Sappiamo già che succederà
Che questa notte poi finirà
Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi

Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi

In quella notte d’estate...
In quella notte d’estate...

In quella stanza insieme a te
Il calore della pelle
Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi
Sappiamo già che succederà
Che questa notte poi finirà
Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi

In quella notte d’estate
Tra la musica, i giochi e le risate

Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi

E te ne stavi in disparte
Con quel sorriso di un’opera d’arte

Tra le fiamme e le stelle noi

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